Personal Travel Assistant

« Free and Flow » is unique and rare: It’s not for everyone. You can go against the main travel Flow,
or we can propose that you adopt a more relaxed approach and « go with the Flow… »
as an extremely personal and original experience:Your trip will not happen until we create it for you.

What does this mean?

First of all, you will be absolutely FREE to dream about anything you desire. After which we will find you the best travel package which will fit your needs.

During the process, we will try to find you an individual tour of special events. We are your essential contact and will give you many inspiring ideas. We will also would be interested to receive your feedback.

If you have specific recommendations, we’ll find them and always respect your choices. We may also suggest further plans that might fit your personal tastes. Our priority is that you enjoy your journey and put your trust in us…



« Free & Flow » expertise always tries to find a good balance between a regular trip and really bespoke travel. Our objective is to satisfy and surprise you.

We never forget that your inner goals become ours during the process and we believe that a spiritual side is essential.

The anticipation of a trip needs to fascinate you before discovering it for yourself. We check all the small details for you to ensure it makes a difference. This is the essence of travelling with « Free & Flow ».

Our aim is to share everything with you.

We remain throughout the whole trip creation your unique contact. There is no need for you to meet other people or companies. Our principal objective is to anticipate all your requests and needs. So that it leaves you time to be FREE to carry out your personal and professional activities.



Finally, the excellence, the originality, the luxury are the « Free & Flow » signature.

We believe that the ultimate travel experience is possible. A different way to discover the world and « keep the Flow… »