Outdoor Dreaming

All our staff are highly experienced.

"Outdoor Dreaming" describes another exciting aspect of our job. I can say that I know a lot about sports and leisure from my past experience as a top level tennis coach, when I met lot of sport activists. I always ensure total professionalism. As a team we can go either with you as an outdoor guide or as a specific partner.



The concept with Free & Flow is to propose and provide many diverse activities such as orienteering, cycling, golf, horse riding, hiking, skiing, yoga, fitness and spa. We can also organize more « exotic » activities such as sailing, surfing, paragliding, climbing, diving, fishing and ballooning.

Like the journey we created in Travel PA we will adopt the same personal approach and carry out specific research. We have a vast network of contacts that come from the French Riviera, France in general as well from the international stage. This allows us to guarantee you an amazing experience with all the necessary safety - specifically in relation to children.


As with travel PA, we can envisage a framework of a bespoke journey. The difference with « Free & Flow » is it will be provided by our local contacts. Security and safety is paramount whichever place you choose in the world. Our staff are skilled in their ability to work with you, your friends or family.

Finally you will understand that this « Outdoor Dreaming » is built on the same premise as the Travel PA function.

« Free & Flow » will represent a combination of luxury pleasure, real life experiences, outdoor adventures and a variety of wellness sessions. All located at spectacular sites.


It is important however that although the world will be our playground, the environment must be preserved and protected for the next generation

Team Free & Flow